For a minimum of 8 weeks, Cassie monitors & reviews your daily food diary via MyFitnessPal app & provides guidance during weekly call, text or email check-ins.

During this time, you & Cassie work together to identify the nuances of your bio-individuality. We’ll review your sleeping, dietary & lifestyle habits to determine both what works & what doesn’t for your body, your health & your overall wellness in an effort to maximize the results you achieve from your fitness regimen & improve your quality of life.

During weekly check-ins we’ll focus on:

    • improving energy levels

    • adopting habits to improve quality of life

    • changing body composition (weight loss or gain)

    • pre/post workout fueling

    • practices that boost fitness regimen recovery & results

    • identifying quality foods

    • recipe ideas; including adjustments to your favorites to boost the nutritional value

If you’re looking for guidance with your fitness regimen also, Cassie offers both online fitness programs and online personal training via her custom fitness app!

For more information about B Well Online Coaching & discounted packages of both B Well Coaching & B Strong Training Programs, email Cassie here.