Hard CORE: BOSU Push-up + Lateral Knee Tucks

Strengthen your core, chest and triceps, plus open up your hips with this exercise! Your lower back will thank you :)

Notes on form:
- With your hands elevated, be sure your hips are a little elevated too so your lower back doesn't sway.
- Elbows travel backward, (dragging along ribcage), not sideways.
- Step entire foot down when you pull your knee forward. Hold it for a breath to give your hip a chance to stretch!

**Also note that you don't NEED to do this on a BOSU - you can totally do this at home, hands flat on the floor.

Try 10-20 reps - depending on how many push-ups you can complete in 1 set - for 2-4 sets.

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B Strong,

Cassie B.