Hard CORE: Stability Ball "Steering Wheel"

Don't knock it 'til you try it! This is such a simple movement, but it will CRUSH you!! I love this exercise because holding the ball between your feet engages your inner thighs as you're working your core.

Starting with your feet directly above your hips, squeeze the ball between your ankles. Once you have a good grip, lower your legs about a foot, pull your lower belly in and press your lower back down toward the mat. Holding that position, twist your **hips** as if you were alternating pulling your hip bone up toward your rib cage. I call this the "steering wheel" because, just like your hands on a steering wheel, your feet should stay in the same location on the ball as it turns. Don't let your feet roll around the ball, just as you wouldn't let your hands slide around a steering wheel.

This one's a tough one! Twisting each direction 5-10 times without stopping will be a challenge the first time around. If you feel your back arching, it's a good time to stop.

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B Strong,

Cassie B.