Momma B: A Healthy Mind to Guide You to a Healthy Life

Reading the title, you may expect me to preach about meditation, but I'm not going to. Trying to fit meditation into your life can be difficult. I've tried many times but have never managed to successfully make it a daily practice. I keep trying, because I believe in the benefits of it, but on days where trying to quiet my mind causes more frustration than peace, one thing that works for me is taking time to focus on three things I'm grateful for. 

The time it works best for me is right when I go to bed. Instead of letting negative things get me down or thinking about the things I didn't get done that day, I focus on three positive things that happened. By practicing gratefulness, I change my mood and I sleep a whole lot better.

It doesn't need to be difficult - focus on whatever made you smile. It may be your children playing, a beautiful sunset or that you got five minutes to yourself. Plan a consistent time that works for you. It may be sitting at a red light, standing in line at the store, or as you drift off to sleep. Do this each day and you will soon be focused on the many positive things in your life. A positive mind is more likely to embrace change than to fight it. Change your mind and you can change your life. Soon, your goals will feel possible!

What 3 things are you grateful for today? Share with me on Instagram/Twitter @simplypuzzlin #BWell!