B Strong: Power Push-up + Side Plank Rainbows

Work your chest and triceps with the push-up, strengthen your shoulder girdle in the side plank, wake up your hips with the rainbows, and work your core front to back through this entire movement! You'll get your heart rate up, lose your breath and get your body burning head to toe.

Notes on form:
- Start with feet wide in push-up position
- Lower into push-up, then drive the push upward solely with 1 arm with as much power and explosiveness as you can to open to side plank
- Once in side plank, be sure shoulders are pulled down away from ears AND that top hip is stacked directly above bottom hip (don't let it roll too far back)
- Top leg lifts up and over bottom leg in arching ("rainbow") motion from front to back, then back to front
- Focus on isolating that leg movement (avoiding top hip rolling front/back with leg or bottom hip sinking toward floor)
- Lower arm back to push-up position, then repeat in other direction

Perform this movement for intervals of 45-90 seconds with 15-30 seconds of rest in between for 3-5 sets.

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B Strong,

Cassie B.