Hard CORE: Plank Glider Core Work Flow

You won't leave any part of your core feeling left out with this exercise! Add this flow into your workout as the summer months get closer - you won't regret it!

Get in push-up position with each foot on a glider, paper plate, or towel, and band out this flow to attack your abs from all angles!

Here's the sequence: Hip abduction ("Plank Jack"), Side Knee Tuck Right, Plank Jack, Side Knee Tuck Left, Plank Jack, Pike.

Perform this movement for intervals of 30-90 seconds with 15-45 seconds of rest between rounds. Complete 3-4 sets.

Notes on form:
- Hips remain stable at shoulder level for every movement except the Pike. Don't let your butt rise and fall during the Plank Jacks or Knee Tucks.
- Legs stay straight during the Pike.
- Engage lats by pulling shoulders down and back and keeping neck long. Avoid dropping your chin to watch your feet!

B Strong,

Cassie B.