Hard CORE: Gliding Plyo Plank Launches

This exercise is a little misleading - it is NOT for beginners!! However, if planks are getting boring and your shoulders are stable, give this exercise a try to work your abs, lats and hip flexors in a whole new way! If you don't have a Lynx board or gliders, grab towels or paper plates to put under your hands on a smooth surface.

Notes on form:
- Always stay on your toes.
- When in "pounce" or "crouch" position, keep hips lifted at shoulder level, belly pulled tight and knees pointing straight ahead.
- To "launch" forward, push through toes and power the top of your head forward as quickly and powerfully as possible.
- Keep shoulders pulled away from ears and neck long to keep lats engaged and neck/shoulders stable.
- Squeeze quads (front of thighs) and glutes (booty) tight once in plank position and keep hips lifted at shoulder level to avoid a sway in the lower back.
- To initiate gliding hands back to start: pull in lower belly to lift hips 1 inch and bend knees to pull elbows back toward knees.

Perform this movement for intervals of 20-60 seconds with 10-30 seconds of rest in between for 4-8 sets or add as an interval to a HIIT circuit.

#BBold and give this challenging movement a try! Record a video once you've mastered it to post on IG - just don't forget to tag me ;) @cassiebstrong #BStrong #BBold!

B Strong,

Cassie B.