Hard CORE: Plank Gliding Knee Tucks + Sandbag Pull Through

This movement is a great way to engage your entire body to burn as many calories as possible as you sculpt your shoulders and core! While this isn't the best option for beginners, it's the perfect exercise to work your way up to because it's far more interesting than beginner movements once you've earned your solid foundation of strength. Even without the Lynx board, you can use Gliders, paper plates or towels on a smooth surface. And even without the sandbag, you can use a Kettlebell instead.

Notes on form:
- To keep lower back fully supported, hold your hips at shoulder level both during knee tuck and pull-throughs.
- Also keep lats engaged by pulling shoulders down away from ears and making neck as long as possible.
- When you lift your hand for a pull-through, be sure that hip doesn't lift above or drop below the other hip.
- Squeezing your glutes and lower abdominals tight will also help keep your hips stable and square to the floor.

Perform this movement for intervals of 20-60 seconds with 10-30 seconds of rest in between, or add it to a HIIT circuit, for 3-5 rounds of work.

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B Strong,

Cassie B.