B Strong Greatest HIITs 2017: Landmine Reverse Lunge + Row & Lateral Hop Drill

DAY 13!

You'll strengthen your legs and back, challenge your core, and your heart rate will jump sky high by the end of this total body HIIT circuit using the landmine! Bar too heavy? Use a dumbbell! Bar too light? Throw a plate on there!

Here's the drill:
A. Landmine Reverse Deep Lunge + 1 Arm Row - 30sec
B. Same Thing, Other Side - 30sec
C. Lateral Hops Over Bar - 30sec
D. Rest - 30sec
Complete 3-5 rounds.

[Landmine Reverse Deep Lunge + Row]
- Holding the bar in your left hand, step your left leg back to a deep lunge, [left leg is straight, right knee bends to deep angle, place right hand on thigh to stabilize spine for the row]. 
- Perform a single row with your left arm, pulling your elbow back toward the ceiling.
- Drive through your right heel as you step your left foot forward and back beside your right foot.
- Repeat for 30sec
- Switch sides & repeat for 30sec rowing with right arm & stepping right foot back to deep lunge.
[Lateral Hops Over Bar]
- Stay light on your feet.
- Take it slow so you don't land on the bar and do bad things to your ankles!
- Do a couple extra hops before you go back up and over until you feel confident jumping over the bar.
- As you can see in the video, after doing extra hops the first few jumps, I don't need to anymore because I've gauged it and feel more confident about going side to side consistently.

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B Strong!

Cassie B.