B Strong Greatest HIITs 2017: Plank Hold Wall Ball + Oblique Crunch

DAY 14!

Here comes a serious core burn! See how long you can do this movement before your form breaks! (It's not easy!!)

Here's the move:
- High Plank Hold
- Dynamax Push & Bounce
- Catch w/ Other Hand + Oblique Crunch to Ball
Alternate sides each rep for 30-60sec w/ 10-15sec rest.


[Plank Hold + Dynamax Push]
- Keep hips & shoulders squared up w/ floor as you lift 1 hand off to push ball.
- Lats stay engaged, neck stays long, legs stay straight and belly stays tight through pushing movement.
[Oblique Crunch]
- Hips & shoulders stay squared up with floor, even with 1 hand elevated & 1 leg moving.
- Squeeze your belly in tight!
- Lift knee to side & crunch it up toward the ball.

How long did you last your 1st attempt?! Tell me on IG/TW/FB @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.