B Strong Greatest HIITs 2017: Kettlebell Complex + Plyo Drill

DAY 17! This kettlebell series is LEGIT! But I'm going to be straight forward here: it's not easy and it's NOT beginner level. I would master my post from Day 12 before attempting this one.

***DISCLAIMER: Kettlebells are tricky AF! I HIGHLY recommend working 1 on 1 with myself or another trainer to master this movement pattern before attempting this drill. A potential back injury is NOT worth doing this today - wait until you've mastered a simple swing before moving on to this.***

Once you're prepared to take this on though... man oh man, get ready to sweat!

Here's the series:
5 Kettlebell Snatches
5 Windmills
15 Alternating 1-Arm Swings
Repeat all 3 on other side
1 "Diamond Hop" + 2 Pencil Hops x 10

[Kettlebell Snatches]
- I bend my knees JUST enough to grab the handle, (my elbow is NOT bent), then, keeping my spine straight, I drive my feet into the floor and snap my hips up over my ankles as quickly and as hard as I can to give the KB the momentum to fly up off the ground. 
- My arm moves like I'm zipping up my jacket until the bell is headed toward my jaw, then I roll the bell over and rack it on my forearm as I do a badass fist pump toward the ceiling. 
- As I punch my fist upward with power, I pull my shoulder down away from my ear to engage my lat with as much force as possible so that my shoulder joint is locked in and completely stable to support the weight overhead.
- Then, my arm controls the bell as I reverse the movement on the way down so that it doesn't jolt my shoulder & elbow joints.
[Windmill - or as I often call it "The Beyonce"]
- Keep your lat engaged, neck long, and core tight.
- Whatever arm is overhead, turn your toes away from it. Feet should not be too wide here: 1-2 feet max.
- DON'T SKIP THIS STEP: Whatever arm is overhead, stick that hip to the side. "Stick your sass out" as I like to say to my clients ;-)
- Look at the weight that's overhead. Don't look away for the rest of this movement!!
- Drag your free hand down the inseam of your leg as you continue to push the other hip away from you. Your goal is to reach your ankle, (if not today, eventually!).
- The arm that's overhead - that leg stays straight always.
- The hand that's dragging down your leg - that knee can bend.
- Are you still looking at the weight? You should be.
- As you stand up, make sure your shoulder is still locked in so it remains steady.
- Remember to always reach your arm straight up to the ceiling. If it unstacks from your body, your shoulder is at serious risk of strain or injury.
[Alternating 1 Arm Swing]
- Spine stays straight, always.
*** The key to a KB swing is understanding that the movement pattern of your hips dictates the movement pattern of the bell. If you want the bell to swing back to front, your hips must "swing" back to front. It's NOT a simple squatting motion. Letting your hips move up & down while trying to get the bell to move back to front WILL hurt your lower back.***
- When the bell swings back, your knees soften and your hips hinge, [butt sticks back but spine stays straight].
- To swing the bell forward, act like someone surprised you with a smack on the booty - snap your hips forward and squeeze those cheeks!
- Pass the handle to your other hand ONLY when the bell is in front of your chest. Do not pass it when it's at the bottom of the movement.
- Keep your neck long, lats engaged, & SQUEEZE THAT CORE!
[Diamond Jump + 2 Pencil Hops]
- A diamond jump is a total of 4 hops: front & together, back & apart, back & together, front & apart (notice how you made the shape of a diamond?!)
- For this diamond jump, you're working around the kettlebell - your jumps apart, you're straddling the bell & your jumps together, you're in front of or behind the bell.
- For the Pencil Hops, you're straddling the bell, then jumping high enough to tap your heels together before landing back in a squat position.

I took me over 3 minutes to complete a single round of this drill. How long does it take you?! Tell me on IG/FB/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.