B Strong Greatest HIITs 2017: Landmine 1-Leg Hip Hinge to Row + Broad Jump Over Bar

DAY 18! This drill is a progression of the Landmine Reverse Lunge + Row video  I posted recently, meaning, if you're ready to step things up a notch, try this!

You'll strengthen your legs and back, challenge your core, and your heart rate will jump sky high by the end of this total body HIIT circuit using the landmine! Bar too heavy? Use a dumbbell! Bar too light? Throw a plate on there!

Here's the drill:
A. Landmine 1-Leg Hip Hinge to 1-Arm Row - 30sec
B. Same Thing, Other Side - 30sec
C. Broad Jump Over Bar + 180 Hop - 30sec
D. Rest - 30sec
Complete 3-5 rounds.

[Landmine 1-Leg Hip Hinge to Row]
- Holding the bar in your left hand, put your left toe on the floor behind you. This will give your body a heads up that you're only standing on your right leg.
- Squeezing your core and left glute tight and your shoulder blades together, lift your left leg behind you as you lower your chest toward the floor until your body makes a T shape.
- Perform a single row with your left arm, pulling your elbow back toward the ceiling.
- Drive through your right heel and continue to squeeze your shoulder blades, core and left glute as you lift back to your start position
- Repeat for 30sec
- Switch sides & repeat for 30sec rowing with right arm & lifting right leg back for the hip hinge.
[Broad Jump Over Bar + 180 Hop]
- Jump high enough so you don't trip on the bar!
- Land softly so your knees experience minimal impact.
- For 180 hop, jump and twist so you land facing the bar for another jump over the bar.

How did this feel in comparison to the Reverse Lunge + Row with Lateral Hops?! Tell me on IG/FB/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.