Must-Have Monday: Non-Toxic Facial Cleanser & Moisturizing Oil

As a trainer and wellness enthusiast, I'm asked daily about the products I trust to support my active, healthy lifestyle, so I decided to start a new Vlog series called "Must-Have Monday"! Every Monday, I'll share a product I can't live without - and no, I'm not being paid to record these... We're all consumers and I want to empower the B Strong Fit Fam to make choices as consumers that both improve their well-being and make the world a better place :-) I'll record these every Monday, Live on IG and FB, but post them here on the blog a week later to make sure you don't miss out!

Last week, for my 1st ever installment, I shared the Facial Cleanser & Moisturizer I SWEAR BY - Indie Lee's Brightening Cleanser and Squalane Facial Oil. When I lived in Boston, I bought it at Follain, and here in San Diego I grab it at Seamakers & Co. Click play to hear exactly why I love it so much!!