B Strong, Build Stability: Stability Ball Core & Lower Body Burner

The stability ball is a regrettably underestimated tool.. especially when it comes to targeting our hamstrings. Get ready to feel the burn!

This exercise focuses on building the glute, hamstring & core strength that's essential for improving stability in your hips, knees and ankles. This series is not beginner level! Begin with a basic, double leg hamstring curl, (the very 1st movement of the series I do), before adding on all those amazing accessories that will crush even the strongest booty out there!

Here's the exercise:
- Hamstring curl
- Glute bridge
- Hamstring "uncurl"
- 1 single leg hamstring curl w/each leg
All that = 1 rep.
Perform 8-12 reps for 2-4 sets. Rest 45-90sec between sets OR incorporate this into a circuit.

- Lay on back with heels digging into ball
- Feet should be hip width apart, knees & toes pointing to the ceiling
- Keeping legs straight, press heels down firmly into the ball as you squeeze your glutes & lift your hips to create a diagonal, but straight line from your heels down to your shoulders
- Keeping hips at that exact distance off the floor, curl your feet in toward your butt
- Then press the soles of your shoes down firmly into the ball and squeeze your glutes together super tight as you lift your hips so that you create a straight line again, this time from your knees down to your shoulders
- Lower your hips back to the point where they finished the hamstring curl
- With control, extend your legs back out until they're straight
***Be sure your ankles & knees remain hip width this whole time! Avoid letting your knees knock together.***
- Point 1 foot to the ceiling, keeping your leg straight, core tight, and hips at that same height
- Curl the foot on the ball in toward your booty without letting your hips fall any lower
- With control, uncurl that leg until it's completely straight, again without letting your booty fall any lower
- Switch legs, and repeat the single leg curl with the other leg

Note: if you're having a lot of trouble balancing, open your arms a little wider than your body and press them down into the floor. If balancing is easy as pie, try lifting your forearms, (or your entire arm!), off the floor to decrease the stability of the movement and improve stability within your body.

How are your hamstrings and booty feelin?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.