B Strong, Build Stability: Gliding Arm & Core Burner

Ohhhh man!! Working your arms & chest with gliders is a sure fire way to improve stability in your shoulders & get a serious, sweaty burn. I love this combination because it works hard-to-target muscles that are responsible for protecting your shoulders & spine, both while working out & in general, 24/7!

If you don't have a LYNX board, you can use gliders, and if you don't have gliders, use hand towels on a smooth surface.

Here's the series:
A. 1 Inch Worm (feet front-back) + 1 Glide Out Push-up x 5-8 reps
B. Alternating 1 Arm Gliding Push-ups x 10-20 reps (5-10/arm)
Alternate between A & B w/ as little rest as possible for 2-4 sets.

***During every moment of every exercise, your lats MUST be engaged --- pull your shoulders away from your ears, keep your neck long and shoulders braced in such a way that they are not covering your neck.***
[Plank Inch Worm]
- Begin in push-up position w/ lats engaged, legs straight, glutes & core squeezed tight
- Keeping arms straight & legs straight, tip toe feet toward hands as you lift your hips toward the ceiling
- Only go as far as you can w/out bending your knees a ton, then tip toe your feet back until you're in your beginning plank position
[Glide Out Push-up]
- Begin in push-up position w/ hands on gliders, lats engaged, legs straight, glutes & core squeezed tight
- Keeping abs tight, pelvis neutral, spine straight, arms straight, lats engaged & shoulders away from ears, glide hands straight forward in front of shoulders until you lay on your belly
- Don't bend your knees, otherwise they'll drive down into the floor & that won't feel amazing...
- Glide your hands back under your shoulders, tuck your toes, keep your elbows close to your body, then push up off the floor
[1 Arm Glider Push-up] --- can be done on knees or on toes
- Keeping pelvis neutral & spine straight, 1 arm bends like a standard push-up while the other stays straight & glides diagonally, (to "1:30 or 2 o'clock")
- Press the gliding hand down into the floor as you pull it back under your shoulder as you press back up to your starting position
- Repeat w/ the other arm gliding & continue alternating each rep

Get ready to feel those laughing muscles tomorrow! Tell me when you understand what I mean ;-) on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.