B Strong Greatest HIITs: At-Home Hip & Thigh Burner

Burn, baby BURN! I absolutely love this series because it gets your hips & core better connected in their partnership to stabilize your pelvis & lower back. I'll be honest, it kinda sucks in the moment, but you'll feel amazing when you're finished!!

Here's the series:
A. Bouncing Sumo Squats
B. Sumo Squat Hold + Pivots to Lunge
C. Burpee + Lateral Hop
***Perform each movement, in order, for 20sec at a time. Complete a total of 3-5 rounds, with no rest between rounds.***

Notes on form:
[Bouncing Sumo Squats]
- Keep your feet flat on the floor - if your heels lift when you squat, your feet are likely too close together
- As you squat down, your knees should point in the direction your toes are pointing
- Pull your knees wide as you squat so you feel your hips working
- As you stand, drive your heels into the floor & squeeze your knees toward each other so you feel your inner thighs working
[Sumo Squat Hold + Pivots to Lunge]
- Stay at the bottom of your squat position, knees at 90 degree angles
- Drop 1 knee & lift that heel as you pivot & turn your chest 90 degrees
- In your lunge, your back shin should be parallel to the floor, your back foot should only have the ball of your foot touching the floor, & your front foot is holding your weight mostly in your heel
- As you rotate back to your sumo squat, STAY LOW!!! Don't let the angle in your knees get any larger than 90 degrees & flatten both feet into the floor again
[Burpee + Lateral Hop]
- This is your standard, no push-up burpee, but the jump up to kick off the movement is a hop to the side instead up just straight up

How many rounds were you able to finish your 1st attempt?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.