B Strong Greatest HIITs: [At Home] Plank & Plyos Drill [2]

I love drills like this to burn out your body at the end of a workout. I also keep them in my back pocket for days I can't get to the gym and/or don't have any equipment available to me. In just 6-10 minutes, you can get your heart rate up, work every major muscle group AND get a good sweat going! You may recognize movement B from Body Fix - if so, you know what I mean when I say get ready for those hips to BURN during your skater jumps! ;-P

Here's the drill:
*1min/movement series x 3-5 rounds [no rest between movements]
A. Plank Series: Reach Each Arm Forward; Open to Each Side Plank; Gorilla Hop to Squat; Walk Feet Back to Plank.
B. 2 Skater Jumps + 2 Lateral Hops.

Notes on form:
[Plank Series]
- Engage lats, squeeze glutes, and tighten quads to maintain a straight spine & keep hips squared up with the floor.
- Avoid letting your hips twist during reaches forward.
- Keep lats engaged & neck long as you open to side planks.
[Skater Jumps]
- Leap to the side as if you're leaping sideways over a puddle.
- Land softly & bend your knee as you land to minimize impact on your joints.
- To initiate the movement, kick your landing leg sideways as you push off your standing leg to give your body more momentum to travel side & engage your obliques.
[Lateral Hops]
- Now instead of leaping, your feet stay under your body and you travel less per jump.
- Focus on landing softly & minimizing the impact on your joints.

How many rounds did it t