B Strong Greatest HIITs: Prowler & Plyos Drill

Save this craziness for a "good day", 'cause it gets your heart & lungs screaming!!! ;-)

Here's the drill:
A. Prowler push
B. Prowler rows
C. Box Jumps
D. Rest
*Perform each drill back to back, no rest between exercises
**Rest 30-60sec between rounds
***Complete 3-5 rounds

Notes on form:
[Prowler Push]
- Stay on your toes
- Brace your core & push til it's over!
[Prowler Rows]
**I used a TRX strap, but you can get creative w/ the resources in your gym!**
- This is not an isolated row for your back - make it a full body movement much like the Erg - push with your legs as you pull with your arms
- Keep your feet grounded, drive your heels down into the floor & thrust your hips forward as you pull
[Box Jumps]
- Choose a box that's an appropriate height for YOU
- When you land on the box, make sure your entire feet land flat, not just your toes - if your heels are hanging off the box that could end badly...
- Once your feet land flat and entirely on the box, stand all the way upright, then step down 1 foot at a time
"Land, stand, then step down"

How many rounds did you predict you could do & how many did you actually do?! ;-) Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.