B Strong Greatest HIITs: Leg Day Strength + HIIT 1

Wanna build that booty?! Try this combo of strength and power to build muscle and burn fat!

DISCLAIMER: Hip thrusts are a tricky exercise to set up and execute correctly. If you've never tried them, I highly recommend you schedule some time with myself or another certified trainer to ensure you're practicing correct form before attempting this challenge.

A. Barbell Hip Thrusts x 6-10 [depending on how heavy you're looking to lift right now]
B. Body Bag Flips x 12-20 [also depends on how heavy the bag is - work for the burn out!]
C. Rest 45-90sec
D. Repeat

Notes on form:
[Hip Thrust]
- This can also be one with DBs or a sandbag resting on your thighs instead of a barbell if the bar is unavailable/too heavy
- It is essential that you brace your core through this entire exercise - if your lower back is all you feel, squeeze your lower belly AND your butt tighter and/or drop the weight lower. If neither of those help, stop & find a fitness professional to walk you through it.
- Your feet need to be flat on the floor for the whole exercise - drive your heels down into the floor as you lift your hips and squeeze your butt
- When you lower your hips, try to go low enough that your butt is an inch off the floor. Also, lift your head off the bench so that you don't arch your back
- When you press your hips up, squeeze those butt cheeks as tight as humanly possible, squeeze your abs, and make sure your lower back doesn't arch AT ALL. Also, keep your neck neutral, meaning your looking at the ceiling when your hips are up
[Body Bag Flips]
- Focus on your legs!
- Use your legs to push the floor away from the bag, rather than using your arms to lift the bag away from the floor
- Begin in a squat with hips hinged and spine straight
- Drive heels into floor at the same time as you thrust your hips forward and flip the bag
- Again, if you feel this in your lower back: check the alignment of your spine; squeeze your core and glutes tighter; and if those don't work, drop down in weight; and if that doesn't work, find a professional to help you master form

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B Strong,

Cassie B.