B Strong Greatest HIITs: At Home HIIT Cardio Drill

If you're pressed for time, but feel like you need to get a good sweat in, this drill will do just that! You're alternating between 2 different series of quick, athletic footwork with plyometrics, [the explosive, jumping movements].

Here's the drill:
45sec work, followed by 15sec rest, alternating between the 2 series until you've completed 2-4 rounds of each series. That's just 4-8min, then you're done!
A. 3 counts of quick feet + 1 [low] tuck jump
B. 3 jumping jacks + 1 star jump

- Any time you're jumping, land as softly as you can to protect your knees
- When you jump up, pulling your abdominals in as tight as you can helps slow your decent & soften the landing
- When you land, bend your knees so you don't shock your joints. I always say, "land your jumps like you'd catch an egg - soften the momentum of the movement"

Did the 45sec seem to drag on forever?! Tell me about it on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.