B Strong Greatest HIITs: At Home Leg Burner

This drill is straight outta a recent B Strong Body Fix routine! Get ready to feel those legs & booty!!

Here's the drill:
A. Lateral Lunge + Curtsy Lunge x 30sec/leg
B. [6 Suicides + 1 Pencil Squat Jump] x 30sec
- 1 round = 1.5min of work
- No rest between rounds
- Complete 2-4 rounds [3-6 minutes of work]

[Lateral Lunge]
- When you step side, stick your butt back behind you and sit your weight mostly toward the heel of the foot you stepped onto.
- When you step side, your chest will natural fall slightly forward, (but your butt has to move backward too - it's called a "hip hinge"), however, keep your shoulder blades pulled together behind you. Avoid letting your upper back round over.
- The foot you step onto is the only knee that bends, the other leg stays straight.
- In order to keep the other leg straight, you may find that letting the toe of your straight leg lift off the floor and digging your heel into the ground helps you stay balanced.
- Drive your foot into the ground to powerfully launch your body back upright.
[Curtsy Lunge]
- When you cross your leg behind you, step diagonally backward, not directly sideways.
- Your knee should bend to a 90 degree angle and should point to the floor. Avoid letting your knee tuck under your other leg and point forward.
- Your weight should be balanced between the heel of your front foot and across the ball of your back foot (with all 5 toes on the floor!).
- Drive through the heel of your front foot to stand back upright.
[Lateral to Curtsy Lunge Combo]
[The Combo]
- If you're having trouble balancing, stand upright with both feet on the floor between each lunge.
- If balance isn't an issue, try not to touch your foot down between each lunge as you flow from one to the next.
- Keep your spine straight!!!!
- It's more important that your spine stays straight than it is for you to touch the floor - you're ability to reach the floor comes from bending your knees, not rounding your back
- Your body stays centered as your feet alternate moving side to side - if you are jumping side to side, take a look at the video again!
[Pencil Squat Jump]
- When you squat, you must hinge at your hips - stick your booty back behind you as your *straight* spine & head lean forward - & keep your weight in your heels
- Try to get your hips as low as your knees - if your heels lift, 1st check that you're doing the hip hinge, [*noted above*] correctly, if you feel you are, you may be bending your knees a little too low for your current mobility
- Squeeze your glutes together at the bottom of your squat, then squeeze them tighter & tighter as you jump back up

What burns the most?! Your thighs? Your booty?? Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.