B Strong Greatest HIITs: Another 20min HIIT Workout

When you're pressed for time, a 20min DB Complex is all you need to feel like you crushed the gym despite being rushed. For a DB complex, you generally stick with the same pair of DBs for each exercise; if the weight feels super light, work more for speed & if the weight feels super heavy, slow down & focus on power. Feel free to use a couple different pair if you have them available to you though!

Here's the complex:
10 Kneeling 1-Arm Rows [Right arm]
15 Bench Hops
10 Kneeling 1-Arm Rows [Left arm]
15 Bench Hops
20 1-Arm Thrusters [Alternate the arm you do the press w/ & complete 10 presses per arm]
30 Alternating Bench Skip Ups

Repeat AMRAP ["as many rounds as possible"] from the beginning for 20min, taking minimal rest between exercises and rounds.

[Kneeling 1 Arm Rows]
- The hand on the bench should be directly under the shoulder of that same arm - I often find clients reach that arm too far forward, which puts a lot of strain on your neck & back
- Keep your spine completely straight by locking in your abs & locking down your lats [pull your shoulders away from your ears & lengthen your neck]
- Keep your chest square to the bench throughout the entire movement - I often notice clients initially let their trunk twist too much, by lifting the shoulder of the working arm to high when they row & letting that shoulder fall toward the floor as they lower the DB. Think about keeping both shoulders side by side, without letting the shoulder of the working arm lift & lower much at all.
[Bench Hops]
- Like the rows, keep your hands directly under your shoulders rather than reaching out in front of you
- Stay light on your feet, keep your lats engaged & keep your lower belly tucked in tight
- If you need to do a double hop on each side in order to feel like you're in control of the movement that's totally fine!
[1 Arm Thrusters]
- Begin holding each DB up by your shoulders
- Both DBs stay there as you squat down
- When you squat, be sure that the weight loading the front isn't rounding your shoulders forward & collapsing your chest - engage your lats! Keep your chest open & proud
- That being said, don't over-exaggerate your proud chest & let your lower back arch - keep your lower abs & glutes engaged to avoid that
- Powerfully explode up from the bottom of the squat to give the DB you're pressing a little momentum to shoot straight up to the ceiling
- Although your arm is traveling upward, it's important not to let your shoulder move upward & shrug to your ear - keep your lats engaged!
[Alternating Skip Ups]
- When you step onto the bench/step, be sure you put your entire foot on, including your heel, so that you don't slip off and nail your shin [a little wisdom from someone who knows the pain!]
- Pressing your heel down into the bench as you skip upward will better engage your glutes & hamstrings; pressing only with your toe as you skip upward will target your quads [I don't recommend the latter if you have irritable knees]
- If the skip doesn't work for you, eliminate the hop & just make it a step up - it's lower impact on your joints, but will still work the same muscle groups & if you maintain a quicker pace like the skips you'll still get your heart rate up!

Which of the exercises was toughest for you to push through?! And how many rounds did you finish in 20min? Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.