B Strong, Build Stability: 6 Pack Sizzling Core Burner

Work that 6 pack top to bottom & bottom to top with this series!

Here's how it goes:
A. Modified V-Ups x 10/side [not alternating]
B. Double Leg Stretch x 10
Alternate between each exercise until you've completed 2-4 rounds of each!

[Modified V-Ups]
- Lay on your back & extend 1 leg out straight, [other knee bent with foot flat on floor], & extend the opposite arm straight up & behind your head, [other arm resting down by side].
- As if you were folding in half, lift your straight arm & leg at the same time & tap your leg with your hand
- The higher up your leg you tap, the easier it'll be; tapping your knee is easiest & tapping your toe is hardest.
- Control the movement as you lay back down, don't just fall back on the mat.
- Avoid using momentum to sit up - don't throw your arm forward to help yourself sit up!!

[Double Leg Stretch]
- Begin with your hands on your shins, pulling your knees toward your chest & lifting your shoulder blades off the mat
- At the same time, extend your legs out straight in front of you & reach your arms straight back behind you as you lay your head back on the mat
- Be sure to pull your lower abs in & squeeze your glutes super tight to keep your pelvis neutral & avoid letting your lower back arch away from the mat
- If your lower back arches no matter what, you're likely extending your legs too close to the floor for your current strength - extend them a little higher until you get stronger!

Which of the 2 did you find most challenging?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.