100 A Day to B Strong Fitness Challenge: Day 6


Whattup B Strong Clique! It’s Day 6!
Today we’re CRUSHING our abdominals & obliques ;-)


Here's a video demo of each exercise for you:

Does your lower back often KILL when you’re doing ab exercises where you lay on the floor & move your legs?? I’ve got some tips for you ;-)

  1. Keep your pelvis properly aligned! When the front of your pelvis drops down, your butt sticks out & low back arches. When the front of your pelvis lifts up, your stomach crunches & your butt tucks underneath you. If the 1st one is happening, that’s when your back is going to strain... When laying on your back, before you begin the movement, 1st pull your belly in & press your lower back toward the floor to tilt the front of your pelvis upward. From there, your goal is to hold your pelvis in that position as you go through the motions with your legs!
  2. Squeeze your butt!! Squeeze your butt cheeks right now & see what happens. I'm serious! LOL. The front of your pelvis tilts upward! Exactly what we just went over above! So... use your abs AND your booty at all times & definitely remember to use your butt as your legs get lower to the floor - that’s when keeping your pelvis neutral is most challenging.
  3. Your range of motion should be as big or small as your strength will allow!! Does lowering your legs to hover just inches off the ground make your lower back arch no matter HOW HARD you try to do steps 1 & 2? [Super frustrating, I know.] But don’t lower your leg as low! If you can only keep your abs engaged up until you’ve lowered half way, then that’s how much you can move for now! And your range of motion WILL get larger! I promise!! So long as you commit to proper form so that you actually strengthen your abs ;-)

Applying these techniques is not only a game changer, it’s CRUCIAL in order to earn results from your hard work!! Send this along to a workout buddy who needs to see these fit tips!