B Strong, Build Stability: Gliding Hips, Thighs & Oblique Burner

Gliding is one of the best, (and most challenging!), ways to challenge your stability. You can turn the simplest movements into a a total body challenge that leaves you dripping sweat... just like this video does ;-) I'll love this combo, because it targets the muscles that stabilize your knee, (your abductors & adductors), and then stretches them out while you work your obliques!! If you know me, you know I value mobility just as much as I value strength, because having both is what makes you "fit" :-)

If you don't have a LYNX Board, you can use gliders, and if you don't have gliders, you can use hand towels on a smooth floor.

Here's the series:
A. Alternate between 1 gliding curtsy lunge & 1 squat jack (Perform 10 w/ 1 leg, then do 10 w/ the other)
B. Low Plank Sweeping Hip Abduction (Again, 10/side)
Resting as little as possible, alternate between A & B until you've completed 2-4 sets.

[Gliding Curtsy Lunge]
- Your back leg glides diagonally behind you as you bend both knees **equally** to 90 degree angles
- Keep your core tight and engage your glutes to actively tuck your pelvis so that it doesn't tilt forward (which could strain your hip flexor and arch your lower back)
- At the bottom of the lunge, your weight is in the heel of your front foot and only your toes of your back foot are on the glider
- Also, your back shin is parallel to the floor & your front knee shouldn't pass the tip of your toe
- As you stand, drive through your front heel and squeeze that glute
[Gliding Squat Jack]
***Make sure ONLY your toes are on the gliders. Your heels are your "break system"... if you can't stop yourself w/ your heels, you're looking at the possibility of doing a split!! OUCH***
- Slide both feet apart at the same time
- When your feet are the proper width for a squat, drop your heels ("put on the breaks") & bend your knees so you land in a squat
- Then drive both feet firmly into the ground as you straighten your legs, lift your heels and squeeze your legs together like you're zipping them up
- I find to get in a rhythm that I just leave my heels lifted when my feet come together
***Basically act like your trying to "jump" your feet to a squat & together without ever letting your toes leave the floor
[Gliding Low Plank Hip Abduction]
- Low Plank = on forearms with shoulders directly over elbows
- 1 foot is on a glider, the other on the floor
- The foot on the glider, w/ a straight leg, glides sideways and upwards as far as you can w/out your knee bending
- Squeeze your glutes together and pull your belly in tight to avoid letting your pelvis tilt forward and your lower back to arch - that's risky for your groin!!
- If you're adductor, (inner thigh), is tight, you'll get a bonus stretch here!

Doesn't get much better than Legs & Abs does it?! Tell me how you like it on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.

Hard CORE: Table Top Twist & Shoot

As shown in the video, this is a no excuses exercise that can be done anywhere you can plop that booty on the floor! However, it can be progressed by holding a dumbbell, med ball, baby (yeah, I'm talking to you new momma's!), kettlebell or anything to add resistance!

Perform 10-20 repetitions for 3-5 sets.

Notes on form:
- Feet can be on the floor if you're a beginner or are prone to lower back pain.
- Focus on keeping upper spine straight.
- Squeeze your glutes to tuck your tailbone and round your lower back to support your lower back. Your lower back should not arch!
- For Russian Twists, twist your spine so your chest faces the walls to your right & left. Don't just flop your arms (and the weight you're holding) side to side. It's Russian "Twist" for a reason!
- For leg extension, squeeze your butt even tighter to protect your lower back and squeeze your quads and lock out your knees to support your hip flexors.
- BREATHE! Inhale as you twist, exhale as you extend & retract your legs.

Let me know how many reps you're able to complete in 1 set on IG/TW @cassiebstrong #BStrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.