Momma B: Another New Year, Another Resolution

Every new year brings with it a host of feelings: excitement for the celebrations and anticipation of the future, sure, but many of us find ourselves struggling with negativity too. Feelings of failure because we didn't finish what we had planned to accomplish; feelings of disappointment because the year has flown by and we feel like we're still where we were a whole year ago. Yet, year after year, we create so much pressure on ourselves when we act as though we must make a grand New Year's Resolution.

Instead of feeling defeated, or torturing yourself with the pressure to "get it right this time!", make your goal to live and be more present. Each day, we actually accomplish so many great things. You owe it to yourself to celebrate those small victories! It's not about making one drastic change because it's the New Year; it's about each decision you make each day that eventually leads to a great change by the end of the year.

To keep myself present, I take time each day to reflect on 3 things I am grateful for. This took a lot of practice for me to be consistent, but once I got consistent it didn't take long for me to notice the benefits. When we take time to focus on what makes us happy and what we are grateful for, we don't have as much time available to focus on the things we think need to be different in order to achieve happiness. 

Throughout 2017, I challenge you to take time to focus on what is going right. Be present for, and celebrate all the positive changes you are making to create a healthier lifestyle. Regularly patting yourself on the back may be all you need to realize you are truly happy, even as you journey toward becoming healthier.

Wishing you a Simply Happy 2017!

Momma B