B Strong, Build Stability: Plank Challenge Gliding Core Burner

Whether you move fast or slow, this exercise is sure to get you sweatin'!! I'm using a LYNX Board, but if you don't have one you can use gliders or hand towels on a smooth surface.

Here's the move:
A. 4 Gliding Mountain Climbers (2/leg)
B. Open to Side Plank + 1 Gliding Knee Crunch
Alternate between these 2 movements until you've completed 10 reps, (faced each way 5x). Rest 30-60sec between sets OR incorporate this exercise into a circuit.

[Gliding Mountain Climbers]
- Keep lats engaged, neck long, belly tight and spine straight
- Pull your knees forward so they're pointing at the space between your arms
- Keep your hips at shoulder height & isolate your legs
[Side Plank Gliding Knee Crunch]
- In side plank, keep your top foot in front of your bottom foot so they're aligned heel to toe
- Keep shoulders, back & abdominals braced firmly
- Powerfully crunch your knees toward your chest as you glide your feet toward your booty
- Keep your bottom hip lifted the same distance of the floor as they were when you were in your side plank

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B Strong,

Cassie B.

B Strong, Build Stability: Gliding Arm & Core Burner

Ohhhh man!! Working your arms & chest with gliders is a sure fire way to improve stability in your shoulders & get a serious, sweaty burn. I love this combination because it works hard-to-target muscles that are responsible for protecting your shoulders & spine, both while working out & in general, 24/7!

If you don't have a LYNX board, you can use gliders, and if you don't have gliders, use hand towels on a smooth surface.

Here's the series:
A. 1 Inch Worm (feet front-back) + 1 Glide Out Push-up x 5-8 reps
B. Alternating 1 Arm Gliding Push-ups x 10-20 reps (5-10/arm)
Alternate between A & B w/ as little rest as possible for 2-4 sets.

***During every moment of every exercise, your lats MUST be engaged --- pull your shoulders away from your ears, keep your neck long and shoulders braced in such a way that they are not covering your neck.***
[Plank Inch Worm]
- Begin in push-up position w/ lats engaged, legs straight, glutes & core squeezed tight
- Keeping arms straight & legs straight, tip toe feet toward hands as you lift your hips toward the ceiling
- Only go as far as you can w/out bending your knees a ton, then tip toe your feet back until you're in your beginning plank position
[Glide Out Push-up]
- Begin in push-up position w/ hands on gliders, lats engaged, legs straight, glutes & core squeezed tight
- Keeping abs tight, pelvis neutral, spine straight, arms straight, lats engaged & shoulders away from ears, glide hands straight forward in front of shoulders until you lay on your belly
- Don't bend your knees, otherwise they'll drive down into the floor & that won't feel amazing...
- Glide your hands back under your shoulders, tuck your toes, keep your elbows close to your body, then push up off the floor
[1 Arm Glider Push-up] --- can be done on knees or on toes
- Keeping pelvis neutral & spine straight, 1 arm bends like a standard push-up while the other stays straight & glides diagonally, (to "1:30 or 2 o'clock")
- Press the gliding hand down into the floor as you pull it back under your shoulder as you press back up to your starting position
- Repeat w/ the other arm gliding & continue alternating each rep

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B Strong,

Cassie B.

B Strong, Build Stability: Gliding Hips, Thighs & Oblique Burner

Gliding is one of the best, (and most challenging!), ways to challenge your stability. You can turn the simplest movements into a a total body challenge that leaves you dripping sweat... just like this video does ;-) I'll love this combo, because it targets the muscles that stabilize your knee, (your abductors & adductors), and then stretches them out while you work your obliques!! If you know me, you know I value mobility just as much as I value strength, because having both is what makes you "fit" :-)

If you don't have a LYNX Board, you can use gliders, and if you don't have gliders, you can use hand towels on a smooth floor.

Here's the series:
A. Alternate between 1 gliding curtsy lunge & 1 squat jack (Perform 10 w/ 1 leg, then do 10 w/ the other)
B. Low Plank Sweeping Hip Abduction (Again, 10/side)
Resting as little as possible, alternate between A & B until you've completed 2-4 sets.

[Gliding Curtsy Lunge]
- Your back leg glides diagonally behind you as you bend both knees **equally** to 90 degree angles
- Keep your core tight and engage your glutes to actively tuck your pelvis so that it doesn't tilt forward (which could strain your hip flexor and arch your lower back)
- At the bottom of the lunge, your weight is in the heel of your front foot and only your toes of your back foot are on the glider
- Also, your back shin is parallel to the floor & your front knee shouldn't pass the tip of your toe
- As you stand, drive through your front heel and squeeze that glute
[Gliding Squat Jack]
***Make sure ONLY your toes are on the gliders. Your heels are your "break system"... if you can't stop yourself w/ your heels, you're looking at the possibility of doing a split!! OUCH***
- Slide both feet apart at the same time
- When your feet are the proper width for a squat, drop your heels ("put on the breaks") & bend your knees so you land in a squat
- Then drive both feet firmly into the ground as you straighten your legs, lift your heels and squeeze your legs together like you're zipping them up
- I find to get in a rhythm that I just leave my heels lifted when my feet come together
***Basically act like your trying to "jump" your feet to a squat & together without ever letting your toes leave the floor
[Gliding Low Plank Hip Abduction]
- Low Plank = on forearms with shoulders directly over elbows
- 1 foot is on a glider, the other on the floor
- The foot on the glider, w/ a straight leg, glides sideways and upwards as far as you can w/out your knee bending
- Squeeze your glutes together and pull your belly in tight to avoid letting your pelvis tilt forward and your lower back to arch - that's risky for your groin!!
- If you're adductor, (inner thigh), is tight, you'll get a bonus stretch here!

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B Strong,

Cassie B.

B Strong, Build Stability: Stability Ball Core Burner

Every time I do this exercise with clients they have the same reaction - "I really feel this in my abs!! This burns! I didn't think it would be so hard..." Every. Single. Time. If you're a person who often feels their neck and/or lower back more than their abs when they do core exercises, this exercise is incredibly effective for helping you master a neutral spine and pelvis as well as proper engagement of your abdominal muscles. If you're a beginner, begin with just the dead bug and build your way up to adding in the V-Up.

Here's the series:
- 5-10 Deadbug per side
- 5-10 V-Ups
2-4 sets with 30-60sec rest between sets OR incorporate this series into a circuit.

[Dead Bug]
- Lay on back with feet & arms in the air, [like a dead bug... get it?? ;-)]
- Pull belly super tight a press lower back down into the mat
[Note: your lower spine has a natural, arching curvature in it, so if your lower back isn't entirely pressed into the mat that's ok, just actively press it in that direction so you properly align your spine & engage your abs.]
- The ball rests against your shins and your hands
- Your opposite arm & leg drop away from the ball [right arm & left leg; left arm & right leg]
- The leg that drops, straighten it & squeeze your glute tight so that your lower back stays supported
- On that note, did you continue to press your lower back toward the mat as your arm & leg lowered? You definitely should have!
- Pull your belly tighter and press your lower back down into the mat harder as you raise that hand and foot back to the ball
- Complete all 5-10 reps with the same hand a foot before switching to the other side
- The same basic concepts apply here: pull your belly tight, press your lower back into the mat, (even harder every time you lift your legs), and squeeze your glutes when you lower your legs to keep your lower back supported.
- In addition: get ready to feel those inner thighs burn from holding the ball, but remember to keep your legs straight!

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B Strong,

Cassie B.

B Strong, Build Stability: Balance Board Core Challenge

Have you played on a balance board before?! It's fun, it's addicting, and it wears you out SO much faster than you'd guess. For this exercise, I'm using the rocker base, placed the long way, underneath the board. This movement is KILLER and will develop a strong awareness and muscular strength that will keep your spine supported.

P.S. You can totally do this sitting on the floor if you don't have a balance board. Either way, this exercise looks WAY easier than it is!

Here's the exercise:
- Sit on the board so you're body runs the length of it, with your spine straight & legs in table top position, leaning back slightly so your head is farther back than your tailbone.
- Pull your shoulders away from your ears, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and pull your belly tight.
- Extend 1 leg out, parallel to the floor, squeezing your quad and locking out your knee, then bring the other leg down to meet it and squeeze your ankles nice and tight.
- Squeeze your glutes to support your lower back, and lift each leg back to the starting position in the same order you lowered them.
- Next, extend both legs at the same time, squeezing your glutes tight and locking out your knees.
- Return them back to the starting position, then repeat, but start by lowering the other leg 1st.

Perform 10-15 reps for 2-4 sets. Rest 45-90sec between sets OR you can incorporate this exercise into a strength circuit.

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B Strong,

Cassie B.