Pre-Made Fitness Programs

B Strong Pre-made Fitness Programs cater to individuals who have basic fitness equipment to use at home, but seek more guidance on how to build effective workouts that will improve their fitness & wellness while earning them results. Each 6-week volume includes:

  • four-five 25-45 minute scheduled workouts per week

  • bonus equipment-free workouts [so you always have options - no excuses!]

  • video demos of each exercise & a calendar of your workouts & recovery days

  • 3 biweekly “B Well Tips” that provide information about proper refuel & recovery practices to optimize your results

  • the ability to direct message Cassie B. with any questions, concerns or exciting news!

What equipment do you need?? 1.0 Vol. 1 requires only 1-2 pairs of dumbbells ranging from 5-20lbs. Beginning with 1.0 Vol. 2, you’ll also need a stability ball.

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The Low Impact program offers an approach that's both gentle on joints & improves core & joint stability. There is no jumping in the Low Impact program.

The High Impact program combines both strength & cardio conditioning into your workouts. There is some jumping involved in the High Impact program.

The prices of B Strong Home programs are a one-time, upfront payment, and vary according to the number of workouts provided and the program duration.

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