Hard CORE: BOSU Sit-ups

I love using the BOSU for Sit-Ups with clients because it helps you feel how to engage your core correctly and understand what it should feel like.

Notes on form:
- Sit on the front of the Bosu
- As you lay back, press your lower back into the Bosu and maintain that pressure as you sit up.
- Don't throw your arms back and front for momentum!
- Pull your shoulders down from your ears, even when you reach your hands up.

In the video I'm reaching both hands straight ahead, then both right, then both straight ahead, then both left. Perform 5-8 sets of this 4 sit-up combo for 2-4 sets. Laying back over the BOSU allows your abdominals to extend longer than they would on the floor, so you'll feel the burn quicker than you anticipate. Enjoy!

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B Strong,

Cassie B.