Hump Day Booty Move: Kettlebell Figure 8's & Lateral Lunges

Looking to work your booty and target your inner thigh? This is the move you want to add to your next workout!

Alternate between 10 Kettlebell Figure 8's and 10 alternating side lunges, non-stop, for 3-5 sets. The Figure 8's are a power movement, developing your core stability and strength in your glutes. When complimented by lateral lunges, which develop your hip mobility and knee and ankle stability, your body is learning a greater range of motion while increasing its power. Limits in range of motion mean limits in your ability to gain strength. Keeping your strength and power movements balanced like this is the key to a successful regimen.

I'm using a 20lb. kettlebell here. My recommendation for weight would change based on your goals and experience level. Just be sure to keep your chest up tall for the Figure 8's. The only thing moving up and down is your butt, not your head! This will protect your back.

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B Strong,

Cassie B.