Hard CORE: Gliding Plyo Push-ups

"Plyometric" doesn't necessarily mean you have to jump... it just means you're moving explosively! Try this upper body plyo exercise to switch up your routine. If you don't have a Lynx board or Gliders to use, a towel or paper plates on a smooth surface work just as well!

Notes on form:
- Wide feet will give your core more stability and your back more support. Bringing your feet together will progress the movement.
- Keep your abdominals pulled in tight to avoid letting your lower back sway.
- Slide your hands apart and bend elbows until they reach 90 degree angles.
- Drive with as much power as you can as you press your chest back upward and slide your hands together.
***This movement can be modified by placing your knees on the floor.

Perform to fatigue, or 10-20 reps, for 3-6 sets.

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B Strong,

Cassie B.