Hard CORE: Planks + Push-ups + Dips Series

This killer routine from Body Fix left me sore for a couple days!! We took it slow, but we did this series non-stop for 3 minutes! How long can you go?!

Notes on form:
- Keep your lats engaged!!!!! Pull those shoulders way down away from your ears. If your neck disappears, you could really hurt your shoulders. You'll see me roll my shoulders back and down every time before I pushup off the floor for that reason.
- Rather than putting your knees down for your pushups, try lowering all the way to your belly to come to a complete rest on the floor before pushing back up.
- Keep feet 8-12 inches apart through series.
- When you open your arm to side plank, drop your heels to the floor so you're resting on the sides of your feet and your hips are completely stacked.
- Move your top leg from front to back behind your bottom leg before rotating to a reverse plank position.
- Note: fingers face front of room for pushup. Fingers face back of room for dips.
- Squeeze your glutes and abs to lift your hips as high as possible throughout all four dips. Don't let your butt touch the floor!

Tell me how long you're able to move through this series before taking a rest on IG/TW: @cassiebstrong #BStrong.

B Strong,

Cassie B.