Hard CORE: Plank Toe Tap Series

This series may look familiar to my Body Fix crew - especially when done to "Where Are You Now" by the Biebs ;)

Perform 10-20 reps, (all 4 toe taps = 1 rep), for 3-5 sets.

Notes on form:
- Hips only lift higher than shoulders when doing the downward dog position to reach your hands to your toes.
- Hips remain no higher than shoulders for knee tuck toe taps.
- Keep your hips square to the floor during knee tuck toe taps (body shouldn't twist).
- Engage your lats throughout entire movement by pulling shoulders back and down while lengthening your neck.

How many reps were you able to make it to on your first set?! Share on IG/TW: @cassiebstrong #BStrong.

B Strong,

Cassie B.