B Strong Greatest HIITs 2017: Battle Rope Butterflies + Bench Up & Over Burpee Drill

DAY 11! Give this drill a go to increase strength and power in your shoulders and improve stability in your shoulders, knees & ankles. This EMOM Battle Rope drill doesn't exactly spike your heart rate in the way Days 1 & 6 do, purely because it's bigger, more power-focused movements that are difficult to speed up, [if you got baby rear-delts like me ;-)], but it's a great finisher when you want to burn out your shoulders and keep your heart rate up too!

Here's what it is: an EMOM. "Every Minute On the Minute" you have a task to complete. Once you complete that task, you rest the remaining seconds in the minute. So, the harder you work & the faster you get it done, the more rest time you've earned yourself ;-)

Here are your tasks: ODD minutes = 30 Battle Rope Butterflies. EVEN minutes = 10 Cross Over Step Up & Overs to Burpees. Perform for 8-12 minutes; 4-6 rounds per movement.

[Battle Rope Butterflies]
- Pinch your shoulder blades together and externally rotate your shoulders as you quickly pull your arms open to the side.
- Once arms are completely open, relax and let hands fall back toward each other, but don't forcefully whip your hands toward each other, [if they hit it won't feel good!].
- Keep your shoulders pulled down away from your ears and your lats engaged through the entire set.
[Bench Step Up & Over + Burpee]
- If bench is on your right side, step your left foot across and onto the bench and vice versa.
- Fully extend your leg once you step onto the bench and before you step down off the bench.
- Drive through the heel of your foot that you step onto the bench as you stand up.

How many reps did it take for you to start feeling the butterflies?! They sneak up on you don't they? ;-) Tell me on IG/TW/FB @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.