B Strong Greatest HIITs 2017: Battle rope + Box Jump Drill

DAY 6!

Try this battle rope & box jump drill to train speed & power while improving your vertical, your running speed, & core strength & burning fat!

Here's what it is: an EMOM. "Every Minute On the Minute" you have a task to complete. Once you complete that task, you rest the remaining seconds in the minute. So, the harder you work & the faster you get it done, the more rest time you've earned yourself ;-)

Here are your tasks: ODD minutes = 50 battle rope waves (per arm = 100 total). EVEN minutes = 10-20 box jumps (The height of the box dictates your reps here). Complete for 8-12 minutes; 4-6 rounds per movement.

[Battle Rope Waves]
- Act like you're beating a big drum with drumsticks!
[Box Jumps]
- Land your feet entirely on the step - not just your toes.
- Stand all the way up until your legs straighten once you land.
- Step your feet down one at a time, (jumping down is a lot of unnecessary impact on your knees).

How many rounds did you get through on your 1st attempt?! Tell me on IG/FB/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.