60sec Read: Regular Exercise Can Boost Brain Power

Got a case of brain fog? A short attention span? Maybe both?! Last week we learned how regular exercise can reduce stress - huge relief, right?! Well guess what, not only can it calm our nerves and help us feel more optimistic, but regular exercise also boosts our brain function. Short term, it helps us focus better and boosts our productivity. Long term, it reduces our risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease by 50%! So yeah, regular exercise not only helps us get [more] sh!t done now, it also helps prevent serious health issues from adding to our to-do list down the road. Raise your hand if you like feeling productive. Raise your hand if you’d like to reduce your chances of suffering from a degenerative brain disease. In just 150 minutes per week, [that’s 30 minutes x 5 days a week or 45-60 minutes x 3-4 days per week], you will do BOTH of those things! The turnaround on investment is immediate, but, like any wise investment, it’s what you gain in the long term that holds the most value. When you’re lacking motivation, remember these 2 things: 1. Exercise is the antidote for that exact issue; and 2. Your quality of life is essential if you want to live your most meaningful, memorable and joyful life. Don’t lose sight of that and you won’t ever have to dig too deep to find your motivation.