B Strong Build Stability: Core Burner "6 Inches" + Rhythm Bicycles

I love this burner we've been doing in B Strong Body Fix because it really targets your lower abs, [the "muffin top"], & it's low impact, yet super challenging. Sometimes getting a good sweat without ever leaving the mat is all your body wants or needs. Give it a try!

Here are your exercises:
A. "6 Inches" + Crunch x 10-15 reps
B.  Rhythm Bicycles x 10-20 reps [5-10/side]

[6 Inches + Crunch]
- Begin laying on your back w/ your legs straight - lock your knees & squeeze your quads, [the front of your thighs], tight
- Pull your lower belly in & squeeze your glutes tight so that your lower back is pressing down toward the mat
- Keeping your legs straight, as well as your abs, glutes & quads squeezing tight, slowly lower your legs down until they're 6in off the floor
- If you find that you aren't able to keep your abs, glutes & quads all tight, or your lower back starts to arch/ache when your feet get that low, only lower your legs as far as you can while keeping all those muscles engaged
- Once you've lowered your legs as much as you can, pull your lower abs even tighter as you crunch your knees into your chest
- Extend your legs straight back up into your starting position & repeat
[Rhythm Bicycles]
- The "rhythm" is: "switch, switch, switch, hold; switch, switch, switch, hold"
- Finger tips are placed lightly behind your ears & elbows are kept open wide by squeezing your shoulder blades together behind you
- If you're beginner: start w/ your shoulder blades resting on the floor, then lift your left shoulder blade off the floor as you crunch your right knee to your chest & vice versa
- If you're not beginner: start w/ your shoulder blades OFF the floor & twist your chest to face the knee you're crunching
- Whichever leg is not crunching should be straight
- That straight leg: the closer your foot is to the floor, the more challenging it's going to be. So if you're having a hard time keeping it straight or feel your lower back straining, extend it higher off the floor.

How many rounds did you have to do before you felt the burn?! Comment below!