B Strong Greatest HIITs: Another DB Complex Express Workout!

On days when you don't have the time to dedicate, but you have plenty of energy to dedicate to your workout, a DB complex is the perfect way to crush a solid workout without cramming your schedule! All you need is a single pair of DBs, (I've got 20's here), and you can get to work!

Here's the complex:
10 Step Up + Lunge Back (per leg, not alternating)
10 Renegade Rows (no push-up, not alternating)
10 Thrusters
10 Burpee + Lateral Hop Over DB (no push-up, 5 hops each way)
Complete 2-4 rounds with minimal rest!

[Step Up + Lunge Back]
- You can hold the DBs by your sides or rack them on your shoulders - whichever you prefer!
- Remain mindful of your posture through the entire movement & the whole set. Shoulders back & down. Avoid shrugging your shoulders so that you don't strain your neck!
- Step your entire foot onto the step, then drive through your heel as you completely straighten your standing leg to drive your head straight up toward the ceiling.
- Step that same foot that went onto the step back to a reverse lunge.
- When doing the lunge, be sure that the front & back foot in the lunge are holding equal weight. Also be sure that the front foot is flat w/ your heel holding most of the weight, and that your back foot keeps it's heel lifted, but all 5 toes stay on the floor.
[Renegade Rows]
- If holding the handle of the DB that's on the floor hurts your palm, you can prop your hand up like you see me doing in the video. You can prop it on a yoga block, your other DB like I'm doing, or anything that's about 4in off the ground. The purpose in elevating your supporting hand is so that you get full range of motion of the rowing arm.
- Your focus should be to keep your hips square to the floor & avoid letting them twist open side to side as you row.
- The wider your feet are, the easier it will be to hold your hips stable. As you get stronger, you can challenge your stability by bringing your feet closer together.
- This movement is all about momentum - drive your feet down into the floor as hard as you can as you stand & press the weight overhead
- For this exercise, as long as their shoulders are stable, I give clients a weight that's too heavy for them to do a standard overhead press with for the # of reps I have planned. That's my way of ensuring that they use their legs to thrust the weight overhead instead of isolating their shoulder - hence the name "Thruster" ;-)
- Typical squat form: hips back, chest up tall, spine straight, weight in heels, core tight, trying to get hips lower than knees
[Burpee + Lateral Hop]
- This is your standard, no push-up burpee, but the jump up to kick off the movement is a hop to the side, up & over the DBs, instead up just straight up.
- Stay light on your feet, & always keep an eye on the DBs so you don't roll your ankle!!

What weight DBs will you try this with your 1st attempt?! Don't hesitate to push yourself to go heavier than you normally do since this is an express workout! Tell me how it goes on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.