B Strong, Build Stability: Belly Burning Ab Series

People said this routine in B Strong Body Fix left them feeling their core for days! That's because it's super challenging & the variety of movements make it hard to miss a muscle! Plus, the Scissor Leg Lifts are one of the most challenging exercises you'll do for your lower abs. Give it a try :-)

Here's the series:
A. Laying Table Top Series x 10
B. Advanced Scissor Leg Lifts x 10/leg [not alternating]
Alternate between A & B, with minimal rest, for 2-4 rounds!

[Laying Table Top Series]
- When your knees are in table top, be sure your knees are directly over your hips - not back over your belly or ribs!
- Flex your feet by pulling your toes back toward your shins, then push through your heel as you extend 1 leg at a time out straight
- Be sure to squeeze your lower abs & glutes nice & tight as you extend your legs so that your lower back doesn't arch away from the mat
- For the hip abduction, [moving your feet apart], only open your legs slightly wider than the mat & avoid letting your knees bend [if your knees bend as your feet move apart you're likely opening them too wide]
- As you bend your knees 1 at a time back to table top, remember that your knees should only come back until they're directly over your hips, no farther!
- When you lift your chest for the crunch, only lift it as high as you can without your feet falling lower than your knees!
[Advanced Scissor Leg Lifts]
- Keeping your legs straight, glutes squeezed tight & lower back pressed down into mat, lower your legs until your feet are hovering off the floor
- If you can't help your lower back arching away from the mat, don't lower your legs quite so far & be sure you're squeezing your glutes to lock your pelvis in place
- Once your feet are hovering & you're lower back is pressing firmly into the mat behind you, lift just 1 leg up to 90*, then lower it back down beside the hovering foot; that's 1 rep
- The hovering foot should stay completely still & the spine should stay completely straight for all 10 reps
- If your back arches before you've completed your 10 reps, be sure to adjust & reset your spine - don't finish out a set with poor form!

Was I right about the scissor leg lifts?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.