How to Aid Muscle Recovery & Just Feel Better Overall

“Muscle Recovery” is a term we hear and see get thrown around in the fitness industry a lot… and for good reason! If our muscles don’t recover from our workouts, that means we won’t feel or see any results from our hard work [annoying]. What if I told you that you could enhance/speed up muscle recovery while also addressing aches and pains you’ve lived with for YEARS?! Yep.. you can! It’s called “myofascial release”. WTF is that?! Lemme tell ya:

There are many different techniques for myofascial release used by professionals like massage therapists, athletic trainers and physical therapists, but there are also ways for you to do “maintenance work” on your own! Foam rolling is one of them, [and wayyy cheaper if your insurance doesn’t cover any of the above]. Here’s a video you can follow along to if you’re new to foam rolling or want to learn some new techniques: