5 Reasons I Drink Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

When I (hesitantly) roll out of bed in the wee hours of the morning (I do it for YOU my faithful 6-AM-er’s!), the first thing I do to start my day is prepare my warm mug of lemon water. I turn on my Keurig, chop a lemon in half, squeeze the lemon into a mug, then throw the mug under the Keurig, (which I just run without putting a K-cup inside so that the water comes out pure and warm - #LifeHack!!). Then, I sip on my warm, tart beverage as I go through my morning routine.

The other day, I had that nagging feeling you get when you forget to do something - like brush your teeth or put on deodorant. I was half way through my 2nd session of the day when my voice went horse and my throat felt scratchy. That's when I realized what part of my routine I had forgotten: my warm lemon water. That's your answer right there – I drink warm lemon water daily because I scream and holler while I sweat alongside you beasts. I teach at least 12 classes a week, and the warm lemon water soothes my throat.

Cool story, right?! Ok, ok, well that's why I started drinking it, and it totally worked – but I've noticed a list of other amazing benefits. They're significant enough that I now recommend everyone add this habit to their morning routine, even you. Check it out:

I'm better hydrated. The nutrients and electrolytes wake up my cells and replenish my body first thing. This gets my metabolism ready to function so that the rest of the fuel and water I consume gets processed efficiently and effectively. Thanks to that, the rest of this list is true.

I'm “regular”. TMI! I know :( Ugh, it's so embarrassing to talk about, but I need to keep it real. Your body’s ability to eliminate waste is so important – especially for weight loss.  Why do you think detoxes are all the craze right now?! Along with sweating, your pit stops throughout the day are your body's natural way of detoxing. The nutrients in lemon juice aid your digestion processes, helping you detox, making you regular, and creating ideal conditions in your body for fat loss.

My skin is healthier! Your appearance changes from the inside out. Thanks to this daily habit, my body is better at detoxing, so now the cells that build my skin are healthier because of it. Also, the nutrients in lemon juice enhance skin elasticity. Do you know what this means?! Less wrinkles and no sagging, that's what it means. Pretty great, huh?!

Did you know that you have 4 layers to your skin? In your younger years, it takes just 28 days for the deepest layer of skin cells to die and work their way to the surface. Yes, the layer of skin we can see is entirely dead cells. Ew. As you age, this same process can take up to 120 days. The reason I think this is important to understand is that, in order to see a difference in your skin, you need to do this regularly for 2-5 months, and then maintain the habit to maintain the results.

My immune system is stronger. Lemons contain a high Vitamin C content, which is essential for immunity from pathogenic diseases and viruses. In addition to Vitamin C, lemon itself is an antibacterial. This means that consuming it could eliminate the bacteria that cause illness from your body before your immune system even needs to react. This is probably why I powered through the unimaginable Boston Winter of 2015 without ever contracting the cold or flu. Take that New England!

I'm less achy. Working as a full time fitness professional, I get a lot of activity and don't always get proper recovery. The build up of lactic acid, lack of stretching, and repetition of this multiple times a day often leaves my body tight and my joints achy. Lemons are alkaline, meaning they help balance pH levels in your body. This helps my body drain lactic acid from my muscles and uric acid from my joints to reduce the tension and inflammation that create aches and pains.

There are so many more benefits to consuming warm lemon water daily. I wanted to share the ways it has significantly impacted my own personal health and well-being, but this list is just the beginning. Invest in some lemons and give it a try! Tell me what you're hoping to improve and keep me updated on your results on Twitter @cassiebstrong #BWell.

B Well,

Cassie B.