Momma B: Your Life, Your Story

I once suffered from daily headaches and chronic migraines. Yes, daily. I lived with it for so long, I became accustomed to it and told myself I needed to get use to living with the daily pain. I tried for many years to find relief from them; I saw several specialists, had a ton of tests done and tried more medications than I can remember. Nothing ever worked.  I got frustrated that doctors couldn't seem to help me, so I took responsibility for my own fate and started experimenting with solutions on my own.

The turning point for me was when I realized the true meaning of nourishing my body. Choosing foods with five ingredients or less wasn't enough and avoiding foods with artificial colors and preservatives wasn't enough either. I had to learn how to provide my body with the nutrients it needed to function efficiently and pain free. For so long I had been focused on what to avoid: fatty, high calorie and dyed, preserved foods. Suddenly I realized I didn't need to focus on what to avoid nearly as much as I needed to focus on what not to go without. I knew I was in for a challenge. 

Our stories keep us stuck. For so long I told myself I was doomed to live with chronic migraines, without realizing that pain is our body's way of telling us something isn't right. Instead of taking more medications to mask the pain and ignoring the symptoms of nutrient deficiencies, we need to understand that our symptoms, pain and disease are our body's way of letting us know it's unhappy. When I realized that I needed to nourish my body, not keep track of calories, points or ingredients, my body started to heal. Not only did the daily headaches subside, but the chronic migraines did as well. 

Want your pain to go away too? Take charge of your own fate a decide to change the ending to your story. Each time you eat ask yourself: what vitamins and minerals am I feeding my body? Keep it simple! Focus on eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, in a variety of colors, and you'll immediately notice a huge difference in your energy and mood. Once you start speaking your body's language, things will continue to improve from there.

What kind of foods do you want to focus on ADDING to your diet? Tell me on IG/TW @simplypuzzlin!

B Well,

Momma B

Momma B: 4 Habits to Reduce Sugar Intake

How much sugar are you actually eating each day?

Have you ever taken the time to tally up the amount of sugar you eat in a day? I guarantee you will be shocked.

We all eat too much sugar! Even when I was reading labels to ensure I was eating five ingredients or less I was eating too much sugar! The recommended daily allowance for sugar is 25 grams. That is only 6 teaspoons, and it adds up fast. If you drink a small Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Coolatta in the morning on the way to work, you have already taken in more than your daily allowance. That drink alone has 58 grams of sugar! A small French Vanilla Ice Coffee has 24 grams of sugar. Those are examples of beverages we often drink along with our meals. Imagine, between the drink and food, how much sugar you consume in a single meal... It's no wonder we can't lose weight, right?! Sugar isn't merely keeping us fat though, it also plays a large role in the development of many devastating illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many more.

Our bodies do require trace, (small), amounts of sugar to function properly, but the average American is consuming close to 130lbs a year of sugar a year! That certainly isn't a small amount. It's time to be more mindful of the sugar in our diet. Here are a few tips to reduce your sugar intake:

  • Eat regular meals. Do not skip breakfast! Start your day eating proteins and vegetables. This will help regulate your blood sugar levels so you'll avoid cravings for sweets throughout the day.
  • Eat whole foods. That means food in it's natural form, and, ideally, plant based - lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Move your body! We often reach for sugary treats when we feel low on energy. Find your choice of movement to get endorphins flowing for a natural energy and mood boost. This can help reduce your sugar intake.
  • Get your sleep. As I mentioned above, one of the most common triggers for sugar cravings is being overtired. When we are sleep deprived, we reach for sugar to gives us energy. Get yourself on a regular sleep schedule, and be sure you are getting 8-9 hours each night, so that you wake up with ample energy for the day ahead.

Changing any one habit takes time. Focus on one thing from this list at a time to ensure these changes become habits that all contribute to your healthier lifestyle. Be kind to yourself and keep it simple! 

Momma B: A Moving Body Is A Happy & Healthy Body

I've exercised off and on my whole life. Throughout my life and my spells of regular exercise, I've learned that I'm always happier and feel my best when I exercise at least 4 days a week. I've worked out consistently for more than 6 years now! The first time I started I was 13 - I tried exercising by myself in my bedroom. Once I got out of high school I started going to a local gym to attend an aerobics class. I learned that I enjoy the group classes and that they motivated me more than working out alone. I have never gone to the gym just to use equipment. I have no interest in navigating the machines and weights independently, and I know that I wouldn't stay consistent if that was my only option. This is why I'm thankful there are group classes that help me keep my interest in my exercise regimen. 

I believe exercise is important for everyone, so it's important to find a regimen that is best for you and your lifestyle. When I had children, going to the gym was no longer an option, so I exercised at home. As my children got older, they joined in! As they grew and their interests changed, our exercise changed. We started with biking, then got into hiking, which led to cross country skiing in the winter. Eventually we bought kayaks to use in the summertime too! There are many ways to stay active, even if the gym isn't your thing or you have kids to keep entertained. 

Take time to figure out what type of exercise works best for you. Your body will communicate daily whether it wants something vigorous or something more gentle. Your regimen will evolve along with your life as long as you make it a priority in your lifestyle. If you are quiet and don't care for crowds, finding something to do at home or walking with a friend might suit you. If you like social environments, try going to group classes. Then, decide what time of day is best for you. Early morning workouts are not for everyone! Last, be sure to find a place that's convenient to you; this will help you stay committed and feel most successful.

Before you know it, regular exercise will be a part of your weekly routine and you'll  be experiencing the many benefits - weight loss, increased energy, improved mood and better quality of sleep. And that's just scratching the surface of what you will experience from a regular fitness routine, so get off the couch or away from that desk and start exploring to find exercise that you enjoy!