Hump Day Booty Move: Kettlebell Swings + Med Ball Slams

If you're looking for high calorie burn, booty burn, and a little bit of fun, you need to add this to your next workout!

Switch back and forth between 15 Kettlebell Swings and 15 Med Ball Slams, non-stop, for 3-5 sets to develop power in your glutes, strength in your core, break a sweat, and get your heart racing! I'm using a 45lb. kettlebell here. Go heavy to build a round booty, but be sure your form is on point, or your back will feel it tomorrow.

This superset is perfect to add to your HIIT workout, especially when you're focused on lower body. Share when you incorporate it into your workout on Instagram/Twitter @cassiebstrong #BStrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.