Fast Friday: Pizza Egg Scramble

You’re fit, you’re fed and you’re feelin’ fierce!

Happy Friday! It's the weekend and there's fun to be had, so we want to eat something quick and yummy before we run out the door and kick off our weekend! An easy go-to for a situation like this is ordering pizza, but let's be honest - by the time you order and get it home it's taken a decent chunk of time and a bigger chunk of change. This recipe though - it's cheap, quick, packed with nutrients, and so tasty. And think of it this way - just like hitting the gym hard all week makes you feel extra confident when you hit the town Friday night, imagine kicking your night off by making yet another choice that your body will love - you're fit, you're fed and you're feelin' fierce!

Ingredients: 1 Tbsp olive oil, 1 handful spinach, 1-3 eggs (depending on your appetite!) whipped in a bowl, 1 handful sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese. [I love whipping oregano and garlic powder into my eggs for extra (pizza-ey) flavor!]

Directions: Warm a frying pan on the stove at medium heat. Throw spinach in, then pour olive oil over top. After a minute or so, pour the whipped eggs over the spinach, then sprinkle the sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese over top. Rather than scrambling this all up, I let it cook all the way through just like this so that it's still round (like a pizza) when it's done, but whatever style you prefer works!

Let me know what creative "toppings" you add to your Pizza Scramble on Twitter/Instagram @cassiebstrong and #BWell! Enjoy your weekend!

- Cassie B.