Momma B Well: Decoding Your Cravings

Momma B: Cravings are critical pieces of information that help you understand what nutrients your body currently needs. Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself why you may be craving something before reacting to that craving?


Nearly everyone experiences sugar cravings. This is simply the body asking for energy.  What most people don't realize is that many healthy, whole foods will alleviate your craving for something sweet. Long before we had processed foods, our only source of sweet flavors was plant-based foods such as squash, nuts, grains & fruit. It's no coincidence these sweet foods are also a great source of nutrients, energy & fiber. It's everything we need to maintain our health, and everything our body is asking for when we "want something sweet".

Salt cravings are your body's way of asking for minerals. Before reaching for a bag of chips, try eating a variety of vegetables. Leafy greens are especially high in minerals, so if you're really speaking your body's language you'll fill up on those!

The takeaway message here is to listen to your body. Your body can't talk, but it communicates by how it feels. Discomfort, energy level and food cravings can all be decoded to learn what your body's preferences are for your best quality of life.