Hard CORE: TRX Thread-the-Needle

I'm throwing a tough one your way this week! This is NOT a beginner movement - if you're new to the TRX, refer back in the archives for some great ideas to get your body accustomed to this piece of equipment. If you're a "pike-ing pro" after last week's Hard CORE move, give this a go!

Side plank on the TRX is incredibly challenging, and can strain your shoulder girdle if you haven't built up to it properly. Holding the side plank alone may be challenging enough - if so, hold it for 20-60 seconds on each side for 2-4 sets.

Once you're confident with the side plank, go for the thread-the-needle in the video above! Lift your hip away from the floor as you reach your hand under your torso, then lower your hip back in line with your body as you reach your arm to the ceiling. Be sure you're body is still and your feet are not swinging around before you begin your next rep. Perform this for 5-10 reps or intervals of 20-60 seconds on each side for 2-4 sets.

How many reps were you able to get on each side?! Tell me on Instagram/Twitter @cassiebstrong #BStrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.