Hump Day Booty Move: TRX Floating Lunge + Hop

Bulgarians are one of my FAVORITE exercises for working my legs and booty. Turning them into a plyo makes for an incredible challenge on your core and an amazing conditioning exercise perfect for a HIIT circuit. You don't have to jump though! In fact, I recommend performing just the lunge for several workouts before you attack the jump. If you'd rather not jump ever, work up to holding some dumbbells or kettlebells as you do your lunges!

Notes on form:
- Keep your weight in the heel of the foot that's on the floor.
- Actively press your shoelaces down into the strap to better engage your core for balance.
- As you bend your standing leg, keep your chest upright, spine straight, and bend your floating leg as you continue to push your shoe laces downward - I often see clients lock out their floating leg, which disengages your core and puts your lower back at risk if you don't have the range of motion for it. Shoot to keep a 90 degree angle in that back leg.

How did you tackle this move? Did you just lunge? Did you lunge holding weight? Or did you jump?! Share with me on Instagram/Twitter @cassiebstrong #BStrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.