Hard CORE: Stability Ball Plank + Knee Tucks

Here's a way to progress the Plank Tuck Jump we did last week - put your feet on a ball!

This will rock your lower abs, make your shoulders burn, and engage your entire body enough to break a sweat and get your heart pumping. Try performing the regular knee tuck for 30 seconds to start. Every time you do the exercise keep working toward being able to perform it for a full minute. Once one minute isn't challenging anymore, try the single leg knee tuck I demo in the second half of the video. The single leg knee tuck is far more advanced and should be avoided by those who have issues with their hip flexors.

Notes on form: 
- Lift your hips as you draw your feet in so that your knees tuck directly under your chest rather than down toward the floor. 
- As you extend your legs back, be sure your hips don't lower past shoulder-level.
- Extend your legs back until your knees lock and hold the plank until you feel stable before going for your next rep.

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B Strong,

Cassie B.