Hump Day Booty Move: Cardio Drill - Scissor Hops + Jump Lunge

Today's Hump Day Booty Move is from this month's B Strong Challenge 30 minute At-Home HIIT Workout! Perform this movement - 2 Scissor Hops + 1 Jump Lunge - for 30-60 seconds as an interval in a HIIT routine. If you'd like to see the entire B Strong Challenge January 2016 Workout visit here. Check out my Instagram/Twitter to learn how you can win a prize as well!

Notes on form:
- Scissor jumps are always up on the toes.
- In the lunge, your front foot is flat and the heel of your back foot is lifted.
- Each time you jump down into a lunge, it should be the side opposite the one you did last rep.
- Keep your chest up tall through the whole movement. Even when you go down into the lunge. Your shoulders should be directly over your back knee.

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B Strong,

Cassie B.