Hump Day Booty Move: Resisted Walks & Squats

This movement series from this month's B Strong Body Fix will target your hips, thighs and booty from every angle! 2 steps forward and wide, 2 steps back and together, repeat, 2 squat jacks; 2 steps back and wide, 2 steps front and together, repeat, 2 squat jacks.

Perform this exercise series 45-90 seconds for 3-5 rounds.

Notes on form:
- Soften (slightly bend) your knees during the steps front and back.
- Hinge your hips slightly (keeping a straight spine and shoulders pulled back, reach your butt a few inches back and your head a few inches forward).
- Pull your belly in super tight and pull your shoulders firmly away from your ears.
- As you fatigue, pull your belly in tighter so your lower back doesn't strain.
- You should NOT feel a lot of tension in your lower back. If you are, check your posture and form, or don't perform the intervals as long.
- During the squat jacks, keep your spine straight and belly tight, and try to drop your hips below your knees (it feels really good, so do yourself a favor and drop it low!!).

How many days did you feel this after you did it?! Tell me on IG/TW: @cassiebstrong #BStrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.